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Lodging in Ojai, CA

Enjoy an authentic Ojai experience with these beautifully appointed Rooms, Suites, and Bungalows & Extended-Stay houses. Every accommodation is decorated with unique furnishings and original works of artwork. Come see why we have some of the best hotel lodging in Ojai, CA!

When looking for the essence of real lodging in in Ojai, CA, the look and feel of these rooms will stun you with their beauty.  From Mexican-styled tiling to even wood-burning stove-type fireplaces, these rooms aim to exceed every expectation for the authenticity of hotel lodging in Ojai, CA.  Each room has a look and feel that is stunning.

Our rooms are specially designed and decorated to bring out the authentic feel of Ojai, CA.  Your stay in these unique rooms will envelop you with a sense of the local culture and nature.  Each room shoots for the highest of standards when creating a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your stay with us.  Down to every detail, including the wood, tile, and artwork, you will be immersed in some of what makes lodging in Ojai, CA a special occasion.

There are rooms to fit every need.  With rooms containing queen, king, and double-sized beds or even multiple-room bungalows, there is sure to be a room that will fit your specific needs.  When looking for lodging in Ojai, CA, rest assured your needs will be met from among our vast collection of unique rooms.

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