Spa Services


All massages include aroma therapy oils

$80.00 (50 min) Warm Up

10 min. on each foot, 5 min. on arms and hands 20 min. on neck, head and face with extensive work on upper back and shoulders. Can be done if fully clothed.

$90.00 (1 hr) Full Body

Full body. Lymph cleansing. Firm massage with knowledgeable hands, using great care to relax and rejuvenate the spine.

$112.50 (75 min) Iguana Special

The extra 15 min. allows for stomach and chest work to clear lungs and heart area & activate all points in abdomen.

(You can also request extra time to be spent on any area you may like extra work done on such as feet, neck or back)

$135.00 (1 1/2 hr) Iguana Plus

This massage gets you ready to relax and really enjoy your vacation. The extra time we spend on your body will rub that stress right out.

$180.00 (2 hr) Double Iguana

This treatment will change you for life. Includes chakra clearing and activating polarity. Your body will surrender all stress and accept complete freedom to be the real you. Reflexology and lymph drainage. All done with firm and caring hands.




Serenity Facial
This Facial provides Deep Pore Cleansing using a gentle Peel to Exfoliate.
Marine Algae & a Nourishing Mask are applied with Steam to Hydrate and Nourish.
Neck, Shoulder & Foot Massage
No Extractions
1 hour - $95.00

Lavender Facial
Experience the essence of Lavender, Lavender Steam, Warm Stones, &
Hydrating Rose Water with this Customized mask that leaves your skin radiant.
Neck, Shoulder & Foot Massage
No Extractions
One Hour - $95.00


Foot Delight
Give your Feet a Vacation with a Rose Petal Soak, Sea Salt Scrub, and a Cucumber Mask. Finish with a Relaxing Foot Massage
One Hour - $95.00

Hand & Foot Delight
Treat Hands & Feet with Rose Petal Soak, Sea Salt Scrub, Cucumber Mask & Massage. This Treatment will leave both your Hand and Feet Soft & Relaxed.
90 Minutes - $135.00

All Treatments Require at least 24 hours advance Cancellation or 50% is charged.

We will make you feel great!


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